Exhibitor Attendee List Policy

To ensure exhibitors can still send out invitations and introductory emails, ADISA distributes contact information on attendees to exhibitors.

For most levels, this includes names, companies, and addresses. To comply with the anti-spam legal concerns and to minimize member complaints about too many repeat emails, we arrange for emails to be sent from the exhibitor’s email address via a third party delivery service.

ADISA will assist paid exhibitors & additional opportunities purchasers with a blast(s) email to attendees with varying frequency:

  • Additional opportunities receive one blast
  • Bronze Table Exhibitors receive one blasts
  • Silver Exhibitors receive two blasts
  • Gold Exhibitors receive three blasts


  • Diamond and Platinum exhibitors receive enhanced attendee list allowing for more blasts. ADISA’s Alternative Investments Research & Due Diligence Forum Gold exhibitors will also receive enhanced attendee list.
  • The attendee list is for the use of the paid exhibitor in preparation for the event only.
  • If MBD exhibits, the list is for the use of paid members represented within the booth. No list sharing permitted.

Exhibitors will receive additional details how to submit and schedule blast information via an easy-to-use web template.

Please contact Tanisha Bibbs at 317.663.4174 or tbibbs@adisa.org with questions.