ADISA Speaker Information Request Form

The ADISA Conference Planning Committee is seeking additions to its list of approved speakers for future conferences.

If you are an ADISA member who has one or more focused areas of alternative investment expertise, as well as an interest in contributing to the depth and quality of the education sessions provided at our conferences, we encourage you to complete this Information Request Form. This form will be reviewed for approval by a Conference Planning Subcommittee. For approval, applicants must have expertise that enables them to be able to speak on topics pertinent to ADISA members.

Please note: The number of potential presentation/panel opportunities is very limited at ADISA events, and your expressing interest to speak and/or applying to be a speaker is in no way a guarantee of acceptance into the program. Our Conference Planning Committee policies set appearance limits, member/exhibitor priority, and other participation rules to ensure a quality program. In general, telling us of your interest early (at least 6-8 weeks before a conference) is helpful; although such a competitive program means we can make no guarantees on available openings.

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