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Blue Vault mines financial statements and filings for valuable performance data, giving you insights into every non-traded REIT and BDC. In collaboration with the University of Georgia, Blue Vault produces an annual “Nontraded REIT Full-Cycle Performance Study.”


The CAIA Association, a global professional body, pioneers a new era in investment management. At the forefront of the shifting of alternative investment asset classes from 'alternative' to mainstream, CAIA embraces diverse expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge essential for responsible capital allocation and client stewardship. A Member-driven organization representing professionals in more than 100 countries, the organization seeks to prepare investors for a dynamic future, disrupting traditions, creating opportunities, and fostering long-term sustainability. To learn more about the CAIA Association and how to become part of a professional network that is shaping the future of investing, please visit

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Discovery Data helps asset managers, wealth managers, and recruiters get the data they need to make the best decisions. Choose custom data feeds and get data on all financial services firms, including contact information for decision-makers. 


The DI Wire is the definitive news source for the illiquid alternative investment industry. The only media site dedicated exclusively to the coverage of non-traded REITs, business development companies, interval funds, closed-end funds, DSTs and the full range of private placement offerings, The DI Wire has grown to become the most trusted news source for the community of sponsors, broker-dealers and wealth advisors who provide these investment offerings to millions of American retail investors.

Gain first-hand information on behind-the-scenes dealings, securing the competitive advantage you need to detect opportunities. Real Estate Alert’s weekly publication breaks the most meaningful stories in the commercial real estate space.

Information Management Network is an organizer of conferences and virtual events for structured finance, real estate, and investment management professionals. Learn about conferences happening around the world, and get newsletters about the topics most relevant to your business.

Opal Group is a global conference organizer catering to top executives and decision makers throughout various industries. Each conference provides ample opportunity for our delegates to create meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals.


Real Assets Adviser is a publication from Institutional Real Estate, Inc. – a global firm focused on infrastructure and real estate investment. Get access to important news and resources, and learn about events and conferences.

Identify new financing opportunities and stay ahead of your competition in CRE finance with Commercial Mortgage Alert. This weekly publication conveys the earliest look at key dealings in today’s commercial MBS and traditional real estate debt markets.

The premier online destination for original and timely CRE content. We deliver trusted, relevant real-estate news and insights, effectively providing our audience with a 360 degree view of the industry. Our unique print/online/events integrated business model allows us to deeply understand the dynamic real estate industry and the evolving needs of our audience.